Initiated in 2009, RFC is an art historical intervention project that envelops through research, self-education programs, exhibitions and publications. It looks into legacies, resonances and today's meaning of the politicised artistic and intellectual practices throughout diverse marginal geographies, especially in Socialist Yugoslavia, East Europe and the Global South. It wishes to delve into and encourage actual and potential connections, proximities, mutualities and post festum encounters in and between these contexts.

Based on the initial reading of selected phenomena and concepts that shaped the artistic, curatorial and intellectual practices in Yugoslavia during the 1960s and the 1970s, the project opens itself to an ongoing process of reshifting and reshaping its scope and methodology, introducing new elements and fragments with each new iteration.

The concepts deduced through initial research – the key ones revolving around the idea of temporary communities, antipolitics, delayed audience, postponed publics, exodus, and Dionysian socialism – are offered as entry points for new chapters or encounters that test their resonance in different geographies, through new collaborations and research contributions.

Browse through the individual modules for an insight into the project's different outputs.

*The title of the project is based on the title of the piece Izvađeni iz gomile (Removed from the Crowd), 1976 by Mladen Stilinović.